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Charting your course to success with a sharp IT infrastructure

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We deliver best of breed IT consulting services every day since 1999 for large international companies:


To define an infrastructure strategy consists in setting objectives in accordance with the environment and the available resources, then implement them in order to benefit from a competitive advantage. It falls within the company’s strategy as a lever to optimize costs, expand quickly abroad, improve its “Time To Market” or create innovative digital services, driver of growth.


The strategic objectives should then be declined into concrete projects, which should be made sure to be technically realizable and economically viable. It is therefore a matter of designing, testing the different identified, in order to come up with a complete decision file, whether on the technical, organizational or financial aspects.


Resorting to the best services and surrounding oneself with the best suppliers is key in a very changing environment. From the traditional request for proposals up to the negotiation by mutual agreement, the entire art lies on the manner with which one manages to have the supplier answer expressed needs without pushing him away of its zone of excellence. It is also a matter of managing the suppliers and the contracts when the operational staff takes the lead after contractualization.


Managing a transition project, or even a transition program when it concerns a set of concomitant projects, is orchestrating the intervention of numerous stakeholders, internal and external, with respect to deadlines and allocated budgets, through the identification, documentation and collection of the risks in order to allow for an efficient arbitrage by the client and to reach the objectives set initially.


The exploitation of a solution consists in maintaining it operational in a steady, safe and secure manner; thus it may be necessary to ensure a systematic monitoring through adjusted means of metrology and reporting. More important difficulties may also appear and it is acknowledged that one should identify and resolve them by conducting technical or even organizational audits.

Organization and Infrastructure Management

Infrastructures must be organized, managed and handled in an optimized manner in order to efficiently treat internal clients’ demands. One should also, in line with the HR strategy and sourcing strategy, identify and allocate the right competencies at the right moment. Further, the creation of a catalogue of services and specific reporting means are essential to carry out the daily activities competently.

Our strong expertise enables us to build practical and innovating solutions off the beaten path


Equipments and services of data transport, based on LAN, MAN, WAN, Internet technologies, as well as wireless technologies such as WiFi, 3G, 4G, Bluetooth, etc.

Central Infrastructure

Elements located in the datacenters handling services from applications such as servers, middlewares, stockage systems (SAN, NAS, etc.) and associated services of administration, scheduling, or virtualization (Citrix, VMware, etc.).

Cloud Computing

XaaS-type services – the most well-known being IaaS (Infrastructure As A Service), PaaS (Platform As A Service), and SaaS (Software As A Service) – i.e., supplied in an industrialized manner, on demand, automatically and with a large modularity (EC2, Azure, SalesForce, S3, etc.).

Communication and Collaborative Tools

Equipments and services gathering at the same time the technologies that enable to exchange with distant interlocutors, such as telephony (ToIP and VoIP, SIP trunking) and videoconference (telepresence, visio on site, visio rooms) and the technologies enabling collaborative work (shared spaces, Wiki, Clic to Call, instant messaging, etc.).

Contact Centers

Means of managing the client relationship on the basis of various communication channels, incoming and outgoing, such as phone, e-mail, SMS, MMS, web call back, mail, fax, social media, etc.


Means implemented to keep, re-establish and guarantee the safety of Information Systems. These means, by essence transversal to the information system, can be oriented “network” (by perimeter or in depth with firewall, IDS / IPS etc.), “Web” (Proxy, URL filtering, Antivirus), or “given” (Data encryption, access control).

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Embark with Navigacom

The fastest sailboats fly above the water and go quicker than the wind. Since 1999, our clients are advised, oriented and accompanied to develop their information systems with cutting-edge infrastructures to sustain and grow their business. Reflected by these high-performing sailboats, our clients are not subjected to their environment. They take advantage of it to move forward and benefit from personalized solutions that they did not always consider to begin with. Our strength lies in a team with renowned expertise, a very active client network and a sophisticated sharing of experiences, factors of trust and loyalty. It is not a coincidence if 60% of CAC 40 companies use and recommend our services.

Our Profession First

Our strategy lies above all else on a real vision of our profession. Networks and telecommunications have widened to Information and Communication Technologies. This decisive sector has become the key of all other sectors, which draw on information systems as a growth. We see ourselves as a genuine look-out enabling decision-makers to master this complex subject. The stake is eminently strategic: infrastructures constitute a prerequisite to the conquest of new territories as well as a major innovation approach. They will be the source of the new services our clients will launch on their respective markets.

A Structured Network with Shared Experiences to Better Foresee

The Navigacom Networking Group gathers together a dozen of large companies and renowned experts. With regular events combining interactions, state of the art and benchmarking, this unique proximity with our clients enables us to confirm the “weak signals” we have spotted which will become their future realities. This genuine club is at the heart of a larger community of exchange of information and good practices.

About The Management Team

Team Member

Catherine Lucas

Founder & CEO

Engineer graduate of Telecom ParisTech, Catherine has more than 25 years of experience in the field of infrastructures, networks and telecommunications.
Catherine has in turns occupied positions in large international firms, whether within the Daimler Benz group in the IT function, the France Télécom group in the Large Accounts Division or the Elf Aquitaine group where she took the responsibility of the Networks and Telecommunications field at the group level.
She quickly realized that large companies had a strong need for specialized and independent IT consulting and naturally founded Navigacom end of 1998. She has practiced her job passionately every since.
Within Navigacom, Catherine shares her time between the development of new fields of expertise and offers, the organization of the community and the management of the projects on the ground.

Team Member

Cyril Romano

Operation Director

Engineer graduate of Telecom Sud Paris, Cyril has 10 years of experience in consulting for large companies, in particular in the field of networks and telecommunications. Starting his career as a junior consultant and after having climbed the ladder up until becoming manager, he joined Navigacom in 2010 to take up new challenges by getting directly involved in the structuring and development of our human-sized office. Within Navigacom, Cyril manages the office's production, by managing the teams from recruitment to career management and by ensuring the flawless proceedings of the projects. With a strong knowledge of our clients' expectations, he also ensures the management of sensitive projects. 

We're located in Puteaux, France
and we work with clients globally.

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